Acronym context meaning
aGOTG autogenerated Gazette Online Travel Guide Web page with location names + location teleport addresses + location photos + stamp images, as generated from the stamps spreadsheet, accessible from the left hand sidebar of the Gazette.
aTAU  autogenerated Travel Advice Update The former, now retired name for the Stamp Finder. See StaFi acronym.
BBB Bellisseria Bureau of Bureaucracy A group of unpaid volunteers dedicated to support citizens of the Bellisseria continent, but also to greater Second Life. Not associated but with backing by LL.
BBBUG BBB User Group Group for Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy (BBB) Passport Holders (!!!). Receive updates, keep informed, obtain more BBB tools !
THIS IS AN INVITATION ONLY GROUP. Contact BBB Staff for an invite.
CDS Confederation of Democratic Simulators A small "continent" consisting of 6 sims at the current time and completely community governed. Rathaus Neufreistadt.
CSS cascading style sheets A method of separating form from content for web pages, effectively used to have the content of a web page displayed in different ways, e.g. with different fonts, image sizes, ... without touching or changing the content.
HTML hypertext markup language The way web pages are programmed.
HUD head-up display Displaying information in a frame in-world without restricting the view too much.
LDPW Linden Department of Public Works The terraforming group of LL, managed by the Moles.
LI land impact A measure to assess impact of rezed objects to land allowance.
LL Linden Labs Second Life creator corp.
LSL Linden Scripting Language The language to programmatically automate objects, avatars, ... in Second Life.
MoaP media on a prim The method to display web pages, or video and audio streams in-world wrapped onto a moveable and resizable object. Used e.g. in StaFi and PoH HUD. Benefit: contents can be updated for all without re-distribution of the HUD object to all users.
MSiD Multiple stamp issuing device In-world hand-held stamp terminal owned by Patch Linden and Abnor Mole, used on very special events.
PoH Parade of Homes An illustrated list of homes and decorations that help as examples to others on how to enrich gardens and interior as PoH webpage, but also available as in-world HUD from a dispenser at the BBB HQ . Applications for proud home owners for being listed in the PoH as well is open to all citizens via an application page referenced in the right hand sidebar of the BBBGazette

Also, the PoH features a very descriptive blog page by BBB's Teresa, accessible via the Gazette sidebar.
Prim primitive Elementary form of an object in SL, e.g. cube, torus, disk, ...
SL Second Life Linden Labs sim, and our home.
SQL structured query language The language used to retrieve or insert data into a database, allowing to specify conditions for selecting and sort the data content .. probably the most powerful language mankind has ever invented.
s/s spreadsheet Data organized in visual tables of rows and columns, with cross-references between cells.
SSiD Single stamp issuing device In-world hand-held stamp terminal, used on special BBB events.
StaFi stamp finder In-world display of a web page with location names + location teleport addresses + location photos, small enough to fit on a HUD (effectively the aGOTG without stamp images column). The in-world HUD is obtainable from a dispenser at the BBB HQ. Also accessible via external StaFi webpage.
tbd to be defined Something not yet specified in detail.
TLA Three Letter Acronym For some Ciceronian reason, most acronyms (like "BBB") are TLAs and years ago someone in the British Army noticed that and gave the phenomenon its own acronym.
Well, for the fun part: let's call that a circular definition or backronym :-).
URL uniform resource locator The "address" of a web page leading to the display of content.